Friday, February 27, 2009


These are some of the people who became our good friends:
Robert, Donna and their baby Samuel
Standing in front is Donna's mother, visiting from another village
Dolli, Robert's sister, holding Samuel
Dolli often helped us get our fires going and helped us haul water. Dolli, finished grade 8, but did not pass the exam that would allow her to continue school. She stays at home now helping in the gardens, and taking care of the house.
Fransisca and Somal - Robert's younger sisters

Fransisca and Somal loved to have fun, and loved swimming in the ocean. They often went with us to the watering hole to wash clothes and dishes. Somal (the older one) was in second grade, and Fransisca didn't go to school yet. When they start school depends on if they have the money to pay the school fees. They also didn't know their ages, which is not uncommon.
This is Stella, with two of her children, Allan and Isabella. Stella is Robert's sister-in-law. Allen was about Noah's age, and became a good friend of Noah's.
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