Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sports Day at the Highschool

Cole had a great time on Friday and Saturday competing in Sports Day. Over
the years the school has been divided into two teams, Alpha(red) and
Beta(blue). For the last 6 years Beta has won, but this year Alpha came out
on top. Our whole family is assigned to the Alpha team, so Leif, Noah and
Tia had to take turns waving the Alpha flag.

Water Tank

Our drinking water is collected in this tank off the roof when it rains.
Since it it dry season now, we do need to conserve water a little and use
the river water for washing clothes and showers. The river water is pumped
into our houses.

One of the last days of Rainy Season!

Leif and 3 of his school friends almost demolished our front yard after a
soccer game. I think most of the moms are thankful that we have left rainy
season behind!