Sunday, May 22, 2011

Walking Home

Presentation and Dedication of the Agarabi New Testaments

It was a special moment when the Bibles were carried to the front and the
boxes opened.



A drama was presented about life for the Agarabi people before contact with
the outside world and knowledge of the gospel.

Agarabi New Testament Dedication

On Sunday, May 22, 2011 our family had the priviledge of attending the
Agarabi New Testament Dedication ceremony. This New Testament translation
had been started in 1959 by various teams and now completed by a family who
had been with the Agarabi people since 1995.

Friday, May 20, 2011

William and Tia

Last night was "Hamburger Night". The teens in the community on most Friday
nights sell burgers and fries and it's a fun family thing to do. William, a
translator friend from Enga Province, is sitting beside Tia. Tia has got
into wearing the "Highlands Hat" with the PNG colors, made by the nationals
here.(not that it's cold here or anything:)

View from our backyard

A few scenes from our back yard; the red grass is blooming which is so
pretty, but not good for allergies.

Cole's 8th grade play

"A Brief Unit on Interdimensional Heroism" was the play performed by the
Grade 8 Drama Class. Through "molecular defibrillation", the class travels
to other interdimensional locations and must save the world. Interesting!

STEP course

Lukas (man second from the front in striped shirt) is the literacy worker for the Gwahatike language on the Rai Coast.  He came to Ukarumpa the beginning of May for a STEP course – Strengthening Tok Ples (vernacular) Education in Papua New Guinea.  It was a computer course to help literacy workers design literacy materials for their area.  Only about 20% of the people on the Rai Coast are able to read.  For many of the participants in the STEP course this was the first time they used a computer.


The end of April, Martin,(one of the national translators on the Rai Coast)
came up to Ukarumpa to visit us. A year ago, he had fallen off the roof of
his new house(shown on picture - plant marks place where he fell). He had
suffered a compression fracture at that time, and was still experiencing a
lot of pain and not able to continue with his activities in the village. We
experimented with a TENS transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)unit
and got him on a regular schedule of anti-inflammatories and a muscle
relaxants, and after about a week, he felt ready to go back to his village.
He recently called and is doing great and continues to use the TENS unit in
his village. It will be interesting to see how the TENS unit holds up in
the village with the hot, moist weather.