Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Band Christmas Program

Graduates from the English class

Carnival - Meet Hawkeye and Aragorn

Carnival - meet Bilbo Baggins

Carnival - Meet the Avengers

Carnival 2013

One of the highlights of the school year is Carnival with the Ferris wheel
being the favorite activity for Noah and Tia.


Tia enjoys playing the tambourine for our Tok Pisin church service.

English Class

The past six weeks Benita has been able to help out with English classes,
and computer classes. Over 20 participants came from all over PNG to attend
classes. This was her small group she spent time with, along with the
teacher of the class.

Village living

Something we all enjoy when we are in the village is hiking to the different
homes of our PNG friends and seeing their gardens. This time, Sui wanted
Doug to plant a coconut tree as a memory of our visit.

Village Library

On our last village stay we began working on a library for the village. We
had been collecting books and magazines for quite a while and was able to
bring out about 400 items.

At the top

The group left at 1:00 am to be up at the top as the sun was rising.
Elevation 14,700ft.

The next day

Cole and Leif with Doug and one of the guides.

Base Camp

A night and day was spent at a base camp, adjusting to the elevation
prior to making the climb.

Climbing Mt. Wilhelm