Monday, October 1, 2012

Exploring the Bat Cave

Bat is one of the meats that can be eaten in the village. At night they
go to the cave and using a spear kill them. We went during the day, so I
was just happy to hear them inside and not eat any.

Life in the village

Other pictures

Genesis Bible Study

We were able to do a 3 day Bible study in Genesis. Many children came
and about 6 - 8 adults each day. Some of the themes we focused on were man
being created in God's image, man having dominion over creation, and the
promise of a Savior after sin entered the world. There were many good

More swimming and climbing trees

Fun in the village

The kids had a great time playing games such as "Capture the Flag",
"Ultimate Frisbee", "Duck, Duck, Goose" (Pato, Pato, Pisin), swimming and
climbing trees.

National translators

We were able to meet four of the eight national translators on the team
of the Bau language group. Thus far they have Ruth, Jonah and Mark
translated into their language.

House in Bafulo

This is the house we stayed in equipped with a gas stove, bucket shower,
lights ran with solar power, and an inside toilet.

Trip to Bafulo Village

Over school break we drove approximately 6 hours to a village in the
province of Madang to visit some national translators. The views are
breathtaking, but road conditions make driving a little stressful.