Saturday, September 18, 2010

Marching Band

Cole and Leif both love marching band.  Cole plays the clarinet and Leif plays the trumpet. 

Beautiful Rai Coast - Madang Province

Our friend, Nafian and his family are pictured here. Nafian is a Papuan New
Guinean translator working on the Rai Coast in the province of Madang, with
the Madi people. His house is pictured in the dusk, close to the ocean.

Sports Day at the Primary Campus

Sports Day is always a highlight of the school term for the kids. The
rivalry between the yellow and red teams makes it a lot of fun. This year
the scores between the two were so close they needed a tug-of-war to break
the tie in favor of the red team.

Little Tia/Big Tia

A friend of ours named their little four month old girl after Tia. Tia was
pretty pleased!