Sunday, September 4, 2011

Home Sweet Home


Iowa - Exploring Old Haunts

It is great to be in our home again after 3 years away.  Our intentions were to sell our acreage in 2008, but God in His providence knew how important it would be for us all to have a place to come back to that we could call home for this year.

More Mount Rushmore


Mount Rushmore


Friday, August 26, 2011

Good-byes at the airstrip - June 24th

After months of preparing for furlough, the day finally arrived; we were excited but saying good-bye to new friends was hard too.


We flew Port Moresby to Hong Kong to London to Chicago.  The entire flying time was about 28 hours, not including an eleven hour layover in London.  Doug’s parents, and sister Rebecca, husband Jim and their 2 little girls picked us up in Chicago. It took us about a week before we weren’t falling asleep at 6 or 7 pm every night.   Doug’s parents live on a lake so the kids had a great time swimming and kayaking, and tubing with their Uncle Devin.  

Alberta, Canada

We spent 3 weeks in Canada with Benita’s family.  There were a few more boy cousins for the boys to play with and we didn’t see them most of the day as they kept themselves busy with building forts, 4-wheeling, and fishing.

Working on the Farm

The boys had a good time working on the farm too.  It was nearing harvest time, so they helped harvest beets.

Hiking in the Canadian Rockies


River Fun


Montana - Road To the Sun - Glacier National Park

We spent some time in Montana visiting Benita’s sister and brother-in-law.  The hiking in the park was spectacular. 

First Snow!

The kids were excited to see their first snow in 3 years!