Saturday, February 7, 2009

More stories and rats in the night!

I attempted to tell a story in Tok Pisin that we had learned earlier in our Tok Pisin class. It brought a few laughs but was good practice.

Sleeping overnight in a village hut for the first time, was a little bit traumatic for me. Our whole family slept under one mosquito net in a small room. All night long I could hear rats scurrying around the edge of our net, on top of the roof, and underneath the floor. It was quite disconcerting. It seemed like everyone else was sound asleep. Then, out of the darkness I heard a radio playing, and the words in English came floating through the walls, "All I need is a miracle . . . . " that song from the '80s that was popular. I almost had to laugh, because who would have expected to be sleeping in a village hut in the middle of Papua New Guinea, hearing a pop song from the '80's. Anyways, I did make it through the night, and the kids slept through everything, and woke up well rested.
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