Monday, March 9, 2009

Waiting and waiting . . . .

We waited all afternoon for the ceremony to start. It didn't get started until dark. We were so happy though to see another family from our orientation course who also were at the wedding feast. It was great to visit with them in our own language and share experiences. The ceremony was actually a ceremony of reconciliation between the two family lines of the bride and groom, because they had gone off without their parent's permission. Gifts of bananas, other foods from their gardens, live chickens and a live pig were brought to the groom's family, and both family lines shook hands.

Underneath this pile of food stuffs, lies a live pig. After we ate( it was probably around 8pm,) we started on our way home. We were exhausted and had an hour to walk yet in the dark. I really didn't think we'd make it home. Tia had to be carried on Doug's shoulders part of the way. Walking for Papua New Guineans, is such a way of life, and they have endless energy, but at times we felt like we had reached our limits.
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