Saturday, March 28, 2009

Visiting School

Doug, Cole and Leif visited school for a morning. All the instruction is done in English. This community was also looking at building a "Tok Ples" school, where the children would be taught the language of their parents (not Tok Pisin).

All the grades have children of various ages, depending on when the family can afford to send them. For example, there can be a 15 year old in grade 3 along with a 10 year old. As long as a family can afford to send them, children can go to school until grade 8. After completing grade 8, they need to take an exam, and the results of this exam will decide whether or not they can continue on to further schooling. School fees go up greatly also after completing grade 8. Consequently, due to increasing fees, and the exam in grade 8, there are many children that do not go on to further education.
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