Friday, February 19, 2010

Scripture Use Conference

In the middle of January, a Scripture Use conference took place in Ukarumpa.  Over 31 churches and para-church organizations attended the conference from all over PNG.  There were 69 participants, although some arrived late due to landslides and roads being washed out.  This was the first time a conference like this was held, uniting together church leaders from various denominations in PNG for a time of dialogue and encouragement.  Workshops were held about Bible translation, children’s ministries ideas, and how to incorporate the “tok ples” Bible (vernacular) into their worship services.  It was a time for pastors to make connections across the country, and strengthen and encourage each other in how God’s word can transform individuals, families and the nation. 


Our family was able to talk with a pastor who was involved with recording the scriptures on audio players.  Although, literacy work is done alongside Bible translation, there are still many who do not know how to read.  This avenue opens up God’s word to these people.  In a country where stories are passed on by mouth and memorized, recording scriptures is perfect for them.  It was exciting to hear about this work.