Friday, May 22, 2009

More village clinic pictures

One of my main conerns was making sure they understood how to take their medicine, how many tablets for how many days. Most Papua New Guineans understand Tok Pisin, however we had the village elder also translate to the people in their Tok Ples (vernacular) the instructions also.
This little boy had a deep tropical ulcer. He also had no parents, so the we instucted the village elder (sitting beside the boy) regarding his care. Tisi, the PNG lady helping him, was going to be in the area in a few days, and said she would be able to come and check on how he was doing.
When we were done with our medical care, the village elder used this opportunity to give a Tok Save (Informational Talk) about medical care. He talked in Tok Ples, so I couldn't understand most of what he was instructing them on. The Papua New Guinean women I was with had a different Tok Ples, so they didn't understand all of what he was saying either.
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